Proven Experience and Solutions
We would like to commend ZHIAN for their exceptional professionalism. Their attention to detail, prompt response, and efficient work truly impresased me. It is evident that they are dedicated to delivering high-quality service.

We appreciate their expertise and professionalism throughout the entire process. Their commitment to excellence is commendable.
Dear ZHIAN Team, Many thanks for delivering outstanding service! Throughout our collaboration, your team has showcased high-quality work, prompt feedback, and a customer-centric approach.

Your professionalism has solved numerous challenges for us – your teams dedication is truly impressive. Looking forward to continuing this fantastic partnership and creating more successful projects together!
We're satisfied with your good maintenance service.

During these several years, your performance is better and better, such as timely response, workers' skill improvement and good cooperation with boutique staff.
Professional Team and Abilities

Benefiting from our rich experience and a team of over 200 professionals, we have already provided services to more than 800 stores across the APAC, including an extensive presence in 33 major cities in China.

Experience swift implementation facilitated by our adherence to best practices rooted in market standards and our extensive experience serving a diverse international clientele, providing a complete set of services from design to construction. Our many cooperations have successfully endured for more than 10 years.

+ Years
of Experience
Professionals Serving
Luxury Retails
Covering Cities in China
+ Years
Client Cooperation Period

Leading the Paradigm Shift in Luxury Retail Facility Management, Our FM Software SSR Harnesses Intelligent Solutions to Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability. Experience Streamlined Operations and Resource Savings with Our Cutting-edge Management Solutions.

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Certificate Showcase

Practitioner Certificate in Project Management
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Essentials of Facility Management (Chen)
Essentials of Facility Management (Chen)
Essentials of Facility Management (Hong)
Essentials of Facility Management (Huang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Huang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Huang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Liu)
Essentials of Facility Management (Tang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Wei)
Essentials of Facility Management (Xu)
Essentials of Facility Management (Yang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Zhang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Zhang)
Essentials of Facility Management (Zhang)
Our Honor Goes Beyond That
Qualification Certificate for Disinfection Service Enterprise Registration
Registration Qualification Certificate for Central Air Conditioning Cleaning and Disinfection Service Enterprises
Registration Qualification Certificate for Central Air Conditioning Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance Service Enterprise
SSR Development Certificate
Our Honor Goes Beyond That
International High Standard Certification

ZHIAN has consistently upheld the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

By adhering to these ISO and IEC standards, we ensure the delivery of excellent facility management services to our clients.

Simultaneously, we remain dedicated to continuous excellence, constantly seeking to improve in our business practices.

ISO 9001
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Quality Management System Standard. This standard sets out the criteria for a quality management system. It is focused on ensuring that organizations consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements while aiming for continuous improvement.

ISO 14001
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Environmental Management System Standard. This standard focuses on how organizations manage and improve their environmental performance.

ISO 45001
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Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard. It aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace and prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.

ISO/IEC 27001
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IEC 27001 is an international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), ensuring organizations effectively manage and protect their information assets.

Innovative Technology

We proudly serve as the annual strategic partner of the International Facility Management Association, the world's largest association dedicated to facility maintenance.

Regularly participating in industry seminars held in China and Europe, we actively seek to stay abreast of the latest global developments in the field.

This commitment ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry, consistently staying ahead of the curve.

Our Technology includes
# 01

Integrate cutting-edge solutions, including mobile applications and sensor
 technology, to significantly enhance cost efficiency and workforce productivity.

# 02

Harness the power of state-of-the-art integration technology, ensuring
 seamless integration into your existing IT landscape to maximize returns on your previous

# 03

Utilizing digital information simulation techniques, we accurately simulate real information and three-dimensional architectural models of buildings. This comprehensive digital approach facilitates various functionalities such as project supervision, property management, equipment management, digital processing, and project management.

Strategic Excellence Achieved Through Phased Evaluation

Every year, we undertake comprehensive semi-annual reviews for our clients, meticulously analyzing the entirety of the year's work.

By delving into repair data, we discern patterns and devise effective solutions to address pertinent issues.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

We are committed to sustainable practices, integrating green principles into every aspect of project management, facility management, and software development.