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Fit-out Maintenance

Our service ensures that every aspect of the interior, including decor, displays, furnishings, and lighting, maintains the esteemed standard synonymous with luxury brands. Through regular inspections, repairs, and enhancements, we preserve the upscale ambience, offering clientele an impeccable shopping experience that embodies sophistication and refinement.

HVAC Maintenance

We are dedicated to the meticulous management and upkeep of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems within retail spaces and showrooms. This comprehensive service includes regular inspections, preventative maintenance measures, system optimization, and prompt repairs as needed.  

AV Maintenance

Our AV Maintenance service specializes in the meticulous management and upkeep of audiovisual systems and equipment within retail spaces and showrooms. This comprehensive service encompasses regular inspections, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs to ensure optimal functionality and presentation standards.  

FS Maintenance

We specialise in the comprehensive management and upkeep of fire safety systems within retail spaces and showrooms. This service includes regular inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs of fire detection, suppression, and evacuation systems to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. 

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Service Plans & Regular Checks

Through well-structured plans and preventive maintenance, we proactively reduce the risk of potential failures, thereby enhancing the lifespan of facilities.

Customer Support

Ensuring customers receive satisfactory solutions during usage. Emphasizing open communication to foster strong customer relationships.

Maintenance teams are strategically positioned across multiple sites, providing swift and flexible service responses, particularly in emergencies, to ensure the safety and normal operation of facilities.

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Professional Team

A highly professional team with extensive industry knowledge and skills, adept at addressing various facility management challenges.